Our Success

Our Success

Every publication started in the past 15 years is still being produced today. 100% of the publications we have produced have been a success!

Your experience with Global Empire Corporation is guaranteed to be rewarding, comfortable, and enjoyable.

At Global Empire Corporation we are proud of our outstanding editorial team. We employ some of Canada's most talented writers and editors capable of putting your thoughts and messaging together into a professional, creative, and well thought out editorial that your readers will truly enjoy and remember. When it comes to designing your magazine, we also have the best graphic design team in Alberta. Our award winning team of graphic designers will produce the most outstanding,appealing, attractive and memorable magazine for you and your readers to enjoy. We are one of Alberta's largest publishing companies, with a team of 40 Advertising Account Managers and our database of over 45,000 companies.

Your Readers are Waiting for Your Magazine!

Even in today's world of e-readers and the Internet, printed versions of magazines are still preferred over digital versions. In fact, 75% of magazine readers believe that digital complements print magazine content despite the fact that 87% of those interested in reading magazines still prefer a printed copy of the magazine.(Source: CMO Council, 2010)

Your audience is engaged and ready to read your message!