Our Mission

Our MissionEstablished in 1999, Global Empire Corporation specializes in the creation, production, and placement of custom print-media publications for non-profit and professional associations. As a publisher of local, provincial, and national magazines, Global Empire Corporation is truly a one-stop-shop for organizations wanting to produce a custom magazine for their establishment. Global Empire Corporation offers a unique perspective into the custom magazine sector by combining an innovative production approach with an unmatched knowledge of Alberta and its associated industries.

Global Empire Corporation is the first choice for organizations and companies interested in producing a publication with optimal marketing effectiveness while consuming minimal internal resources.

Our diverse portfolio includes a wide range of publications, formats and creative approaches, which reflect the adaptive approach to each unique project. Global Empire Corporation has evolved into a well-established and highly successful publishing company in Canada, allowing us to work with clients to maximize the potential exposure opportunities within their titles. Each of our publications is supported by our in-house marketing team producing a wide range of materials to promote our clients' magazines effectively.

We Focus on Your Customers


Although advertising can be an extremely effective component of any business, there is fierce competition for a consumer's attention. Throughout our day-to-day activities, we are bombarded with over 3000 advertising messages daily, yet on average we only attend to, comprehend, and retain 1 of those messages. Global Empire Corporation provides professional organizations and companies with the opportunity to distinguish their brand from the maelstrom of inferior advertisements that flash briefly across a television screen or echo indistinguishably over the radio.

People love magazines, and take pleasure in reading branded content that stimulates, informs, and entertains. Magazines have a unique set of attributes that no other medium can duplicate. They are portable and shareable, allowing important messages and stories to be delivered multiple times in a way that a single television, radio, or newspaper advertisement will never be able to. Magazines also appeal to the reader's self-image and aspirations. They often discuss issues that are relevant, moving, and deeply meaningful to the reader. Your custom magazine will be read, enjoyed, shared and remembered.