Get 10 Real Facts About Custom Magazines

  1. Fast Growing - Custom publishing is the second fastest growing market medium after Internet advertising.Get 10 Real Facts About Custom Magazines

  2. Hold Their Attention - 57% of consumers read at least half of a custom magazine, while top performingcustom magazines manage to engage 78%!

  3. Magazines are Relevant - Custom magazines dominate the Top Ten publications by circulation, with the top four publications all custom magazines.

  4. The Most Informative Medium - Consumers rate magazines as the most informative medium. They influence purchase behavior early in the decision making process, giving readers ideas of what to buy, more so than newspapers or TV.

  5. Selective Targeting - Magazines tightly target all areas of reader interest and passion -- there's a magazine for virtually everyone! Use magazines to reach/cover your target audience in a meaningful way -- a way in which Specialty TV just can't compare.

  6. Reach 'High Value' Consumers - Magazine readers are better educated, have higher purchasing power and watch less TV - they deliver the hardest to reach and most influential of opinion leaders.

  7. Active Medium - The active, involving process of reading ensures focus on and understanding of the brand message. On average, magazines keep a reader's attention for 25 minutes, which is significantly more than the 8 seconds spent looking at a poster or 20-30 seconds listening to a radio ad. This compares to fifty 30-second TV ads.

  8. Tell the Entire Brand Story - Reader involvement in magazine advertising delivers 39% more awareness of the brand message than TV, on that all important first exposure. Readers of custom magazines are more likely to hold positive views on the brand, which is incredibly valuable in a world where advocacy and word-of-mouth play a significant role in a brand's success. Custom magazines increase brand loyalty by 32%.

  9. Flexibility - Magazines provide opportunities for inserts, supplements, advertorials and a variety of size and positioning options to meet any specific creative need.

  10. Magazines Generate Responses - Magazines make it happen. After reading ads, consumers are motivated to shop for and purchase products, call 1-800 numbers or go to a website. Response is immediate. 47% of readers are more likely to purchase products featured in a custom magazine than in any other type of marketing or advertising.