Why You Need Your Own Custom Magazine

Why You Need Your Own Custom Magazine

Today's word in business is branding. Custom magazines are undoubtedly viewed as reputable and prestigious, and give a very strong and favourable impression of your brand to the reader. A custom magazine demonstrates that you truly value your customers and are interested in establishing and growing a continued relationship with them.

Magazine readers are proven to value both editorial content and advertising as useful sources of information.In fact, studies have proven that the human brain responds five times faster to information when reading a magazine than from watching television.

A custom magazine for your organization will drive:

  • Brand awareness
  • Propensity to purchase
  • Trial and usage


According to a study by Roper report on what promotes consumers word-of-mouth recommendation,magazines contribute the most word-of-mouth recommendations. Consumers spend more time reading articles and viewing ads in a magazine than any other medium and trust what they read, often following advice in the magazine. In addition, they have more recall of what they read so the timeline from the time they read your magazine to the time they recommend your services to friends and family is ongoing.


As your magazine becomes a trusted source of information, it becomes a part of your reader's "go-to" network of trusted resources. Your readers will understand that your magazine is used partly as a marketing tool, but they will welcome the information and branded content, and look forward to reading and sharing each issue.


Reader commitment to your brand will drive them to your websites and online searches. This means more product and service inquiries to your business based on the content in your custom magazine.A custom magazine also adds more useful and helpful brand ideas and details to online communications.

Why Your Company Needs A Global Empire Corporation Custom Magazine

Why You Need Your Own Custom Magazine

It is Profitable

A custom magazine not only expands your supporter and customer base, it also generates profit through the sale of items, services, or any fundraising events that you have.

Building Brand Loyalty

An intangible asset of added value or goodwill results from the favourable image, impressions of differentiation, and/or the strength of consumer attachment to a custom magazine.

Brand Image and Symbolic Appeal

Custom magazines can be used to create brand images and symbolic appeals for your company or brand, a very important capability for companies selling or promoting products and/or services that are difficult to differentiate on functional attributes.

Cost-effective Method for Communication with Large Audiences

We will ensure that we can find you a cost effective way to deliver your message. If applicable, our staff will also assist you in obtaining government funding towards the cost of editorial and distribution which in turn would reduce your cost. This is only available after the first year of publishing.

Depth and Quality

The magazine format gives you the chance to tell your whole story without sacrificing quality. You can communicate your message in its entirety – full page, full colour – and reach the most influential, high end consumers.

Why You Need Your Own Custom Magazine

Target Audience Selectivity

One of the main advantages of having a customized magazine is the ability to reach a specific target audience.

Geographic Coverage

Our remarkable logistic capabilities allow for us to take the magazine to the reader rather than wait for the reader to come to the magazine.


A distinctive advantage offered by magazines is the frequency with which they are read. Studies show that readers revisit a magazine an average of 3 times, and are often kept for future reference. Additionally, they often save ads and pass them along to friends and family who share the same interest, which means you reach a wider audience without spending more advertising dollars.

Media Image

Unlike newspaper articles, radio advertisements, and other communication mediums, custom magazines are looked upon as more reputable and prestigious. This lends itself to an audience with a higher level ofinvolvement with respect to editorial content.

Control of Your Messaging

Speak to your audience directly rather than relying on spotty coverage in the media. A custom publication gives you complete control of your key messages while drawing on the benefit of editorial presentation.

Reach an Engaged Receptive Audience

Magazine readers recall more than 90% of what they see, and they typically read with total concentration. By placing a custom magazine in their hands, you can actively engage your readers.

Consumers Prefer Custom Publications

A recent study found that 85% of all consumers said they would rather get information through an interesting collection of articles than through an advertisement.

Magazine Readers Take Action!

50% of magazine readers respond to articles and ads, whether that means visiting your website, considering a purchase, visiting your establishment, or forming a more favourable opinion of your organization.

Meeting Your Objectives

Whether your objective is to establish, maintain, increase, modify or change brand awareness, brand attitude, purchase intention, or purchase facilitation, a custom magazine will help you accomplish that goal.