From Concept to Creation

Making Your Custom Magazine

From Concept to Creation

Global Empire Corporation has been in the publishing business since 1999 and if there is one thing we know, it's the creation, production, and distribution of custom magazines. From our team of some of Canada's best writers and editors through to our award winning design team, Global Empire Corporation has the professionals who will make the creation of your own custom magazine an uncomplicated and pleasant process from beginning to end.

Curious about what it takes to make a magazine? Let us give you an idea of how we work:

  1. The Vision: The initial vision, objectives and budgets are agreed upon and magazine publishing details are discussed. Our team will meet with you to discuss your goals, the look and the feel of your publication,including your "wish list".

  2. The Timing: We will work with you to determine a project schedule to allow sufficient time for content planning, writing, design, revisions, approval, printing and delivery/distribution of your magazine.

  3. The Content: A Global Empire Corporation editor will meet with your representative(s) to discuss the editorial plansfor the magazine. An outline of the mandatory content, focus, tone, and approach for all stories in the magazine issue will be presented.

  4. The Look: The editor and design team work together to create a professional and memorable design
    layout. Once complete, the complete magazine format, or "the look," is presented for client.

  5. The Approval: Magazine page proofs are submitted to the clients' representatives for approval prior to printing. All changes and/or amendments are submitted back to the Global Empire Corporation editor by email or on a marked printed out copy of specific pages. Changes will be made and then a final signed-off by the representative of your company.

  6. The Production: It's time to create your custom magazine! Our team gets your custom magazine to our printer and ensures picture-perfect results you will love.

  7. The Distribution: Whether locally or globally, whether 500 issues or 1,000,000 issues, our distribution
    team will make sure your custom magazine is available to your readers.

  8. The Review: When your custom magazine has been printed we will then meet with you to review your new magazine, review the production process and all feedback received about the magazine, and discuss the wins and any improvements necessary for future issues.

Your custom magazine will reflect the feel, the purpose, the culture and the business goals of your company. Global Empire Corporation will provide editorial services to work with your company representative to identify key topical features for each quarterly publication. With this in mind, we recommend that your company provide content for each issue.