About Us

About Us

What could be worse than being born without sight? Being born with sight and no vision.

Global Empire Corporation is a publisher of high quality publications for children, parents, professionals and community minded citizens, which entertain, inform, educate and inspire. Our vision is to become a leader in print publishing by producing quality magazines that greatly educate, inform and enhance the lives of our readers.

Global Empire Corporation was founded in 1999. The primary purpose of Global Empire Corporation is to publish publications which will transport the reader to an uplifting place. These works will not be limited by category. They will sometimes be reflective, sometimes challenging, sometimes beautiful, sometimes humorous, sometimes exciting and always compelling.

Global Empire Corporation is dedicated to publishing the creations of people who dare to act on their dreams. There are those who say that there is no audience for such works; or, if there is, we will not be able to discover it. We knowingly accept this challenge.

Global Empire Corporation is committed to producing publications which will bereread and shared with others. We bring together the most professional, dedicated and talented team members sharing an uncompromising belief in providing our clients the highest quality customer service, design, and interesting editorial. By doing the little extras, we strive to set the standard of excellence in our industry.

Global Empire Corporation aims to be one which presents a diversity of ideas, perspectives and philosophies that collaborate to make this world a better place for our current and future generations. Our magazines shall be guided by the principles of Truth, Goodness and Beauty, and it will harness on the valuable insights from remarkable individuals, leaders and organizations. We believe that change begins with the individual, extends to organizations and finally, makes its impact on society.

Global Empire Corporation hopes to bring together corporations and individuals who care and share common values and principles in promoting change. Through the sharing of ideas and knowledge, we strive to convey a message of hope and inspiration in every issue, and thereby, contribute to the positive transformation of society at every level, leading to a better and more sustainable future for all.