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    Learn About Second Mortgage Solutions With Us!

    There are many homeowners today who find themselves in need of a second mortgage. These financial solutions are known throughout the industry for being difficult mortgage products, typically arranged for those in non-traditional ‘situations.’ There are many reasons why people today require second mortgages, and our firm is here to accommodate virtually any situation to the best of our ability.

    Second Mortgage Solutions You Can Trust

    At Global Empire Corporation, we have a team you can trust to help you with your second mortgage. We take great pride in bringing innovative second mortgage solutions to the customers and the communities that we serve. We aim to deliver quality and make getting savings simple. We offer assistance with the following types of second mortgage solutions:

    1. Second mortgage for purchase
    2. Combination mortgages
    3. Second mortgage for refinancing
    4. Second mortgage for tax arrears repayment
    5. Second Mortgage as a Business loan through the use of equity and may we recommend reviewing our HELOC information under "About Our Mortgages" as it might be better suited than as a mortgage.
    6. Specifically crafted second mortgage solutions to meet the needs of today's customers
    7. When you need help navigating the difficult waters of today's mortgage world, we are the professionals to assist you.

    Second Mortgage for Refinance Options

    There are many homeowners today who find they need to refinance their mortgage in order to get short term cash for business needs, renovations, travel, vehicle purchase, debt repayments or other comparable consolidations. We are able to pull equity privately from our client's homes through a second mortgage approach. This approach comes with several benefits including:

    1. Fast approval and closing; our firm can complete the process in just one week
    2. The ability to refinance up to 85% of the appraised value
    3. Solutions that don't require qualification criteria as strict as the ones the banks implement

    We are here to help make second mortgage refinancing solutions easy for you.

    Second Mortgage for Tax Arrears Repayment

    For homeowners who have significant tax arrears that come up unexpectedly or that accumulate over time will find that a second mortgage can be the solution they were looking for. If the client has good equity in their home, we can arrange for a second mortgage; allowing our clients to get rid of potentially dangerous situations with the authorities and to avoid several possibly detrimental penalties.

    Getting Your 2nd Mortgage Done Fast

    When you need help with your second mortgage, we are here to complete the process quickly. Most of our private second mortgages are fully open and part of a 12 or 24 month term. No matter what the purpose of your loan is, we can often close the deal within 5-7 days including the paperwork, appraisal report and the deal funding; so you can get the help you need and get on with your life. Come experience why we are the best mortgage lenders in the business and why so many in Edmonton trust us with all of their mortgage needs!

    Second Mortgage