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  • Fixed vs Variable Mortgages

    Getting a Fixed Rate Mortgage or a Variable Rates Mortgage from Our Team of Experts

    Are you looking for a fixed rate mortgage for your upcoming home purchase? If you are, then we are here to provide you with the assistance that you are looking for. Our firm specializes in pairing experienced associates with the support they need to handle their fixed rate mortgage or variable rates mortgage needs.

    Choosing A Fixed Rate Mortgage

    When it comes to getting a mortgage product that suit your needs; considering a fixed rate mortgage from our team can be the smart choice. Typically banks offer one, two, three, four and five year mortgage terms, with different rates for different years. Typically the most aggressive mortgage products are five year fixed rate or two to three year fixed rate. Fixed rate mortgages are derived from the money banks receive from the bond offering and therefore these products are dependent on Canadian bonds rate. These fixed rate mortgages are notoriously much easier to apply for than variable rate mortgages.

    Choosing a Variable Rates Mortgage

    At Global Empire Corporation, we understand that every client and every person's financial situation is different. This is why in addition to offering fixed rate mortgages we also offer variable rate products. Even though these are more difficult to apply for, they are the best choice for many clients. Variable rate mortgages are products where the rate changes based on the bank prime changing, and the rate is not automatically locked in.

    Get A Rate That Works For You

    Fixed rate mortgages are easier to qualify for than variable rate products. Working with our firm of associates can make it even easier to get the exact type of rate product that works for you. With our team members you can learn more about mortgage rates and how different rates can benefit you so you can find the product that will best fit your needs. We will review options on how you can minimize any penalties associated with breaking the mortgages and what strategy best fits your needs.

    Experience You Can Trust, Mortgage Rates You Can Afford

    When you need to find the right mortgage rate for your upcoming home purchase; you can always count on our associates to help you find the right mortgage product for you. Meet with one of our mortgage brokers and take advantage of their experience to find the right rates for you and to find the mortgage product and the rate that aligns with your goals and helps you meet your needs.

    The Reasons to Choose Mortgage First for Your New Mortgage Rates

    If you are ready to get the mortgage rates that you need for your upcoming home purchase, then you will find that our mortgage company is here to help. Turning to us, means getting to take advantage of the many services that we offer our clients. The benefits of coming to us for help include:

    1. An in depth analysis of your financial situation prior to choosing the term and mortgage type
    2. Access to a network of lenders so that we can choose the best fixed rate possible for a chosen term
    3. Access to professional associates knowledgeable in all types of mortgage products
    4. Quick execution times
    5. A system designed to keep your confidential information securely protected thanks to our confidentially procedures and 'no paper' policy
    6. Experience these benefits for yourself and contact us today to get started!

    Get Started With Our New Services to Find the Mortgage Rates You Need

    If you are ready to find out more about the mortgage rates that may work for you, then contact us today. Come see what type of mortgage rates we can find for you, by contacting us today!

    Fixed vs Variable Mortgages