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    Who We Are


    Who We Are


    At Global Empire Corporation, everything starts with the notion of "caring people." It's what makes us more than just another call center provider. By creating a company culture focused on caring people, we bring out the best in everyone. From our support and sales professionals who represent your brand to our team leaders, site management and executive leadership of the company, we focus on bringing out the best in our people.


    Building Business

    The caring people at Global Empire Corporation who represent your brand are focused on delivering exceptional customer experiences with every customer interaction. We turn customers into our clients' fans. This results in higher customer satisfaction, more sales, more repeat business and higher overall value in doing business with Global Empire Corporation. Your business is our top priority. We are committed to growing with you.


    All of our people, processes, and systems are designed to support your most important assets – your brand and your customers. We strive continuously for an environment where the outcome of every interaction is a positive customer experience. Our core values guide and inspire how we operate.



    We provide better solutions because we take the time to understand our clients' needs.


    We work hard, work smart, and amaze with excellence at all levels of interaction.

    To Provide Service that Sets Us Apart

    No bureaucracy and no constraints. We innovate and customize to meet our clients' needs.

    To Collaborate for Success

    We are high touch and high involvement at all levels and believe teamwork must be open and direct.

    To Constantly Focus on Delivery

    We don't waste time. We have a sense of urgency to improve every day.

    To Foster Quality

    Without quality performance, virtually nothing else matters.

    To Deliver on the Promise of Superior Performance

    We are dedicated to providing the best contact center sales and services everywhere, every time.


    Building Careers

    Global Empire Corporation is transforming the whole idea of what working at a call center job is all about. We don't talk about "jobs." We talk about "careers." When people truly care – about each other and the clients they represent – they want to learn, grow and develop new skills. We support that with exceptional training and development programs, combined with unique career path opportunities. This means we have more seasoned, talented people representing your brand with your customers. Experience matters. And by creating careers, as opposed to jobs, we put great people in contact with your customers.

    Since the beginning, our goal has been to offer the utmost quality service, impenetrable data security and the ultimate internet technology protocols.

    What sets us apart from our competitors is the constant modification and adaptation to the newest technology innovations. There is no time to rest. Our focus is to stay two steps ahead of our competitors. We see things for what they can be and not for what they are. As newer and better technologies develop, we ensure to apply them. Equipment and services are always changing and we are an extremely proactive organization.

    We, Global Empire Corporation, have successfully managed to build a company focused on service, training, infrastructure and security. Our goal was and will continue to be the highest technology obtainable in order to deliver the highest quality service which includes crystal clear and secure voice communications. Our security is always our utmost priority, therefore Global Empire Corporation became a PCI compliant company which was certified by the PCI Security Standards Council. This was not an easy task and we are very proud to have accomplished it. We believe in complete redundancy and have utilized technology and equipment to ensure no single point of failure. For this reason, we operate with complete N+1 Redundancy. We operate multiple IPLC's, MPLS's and private virtual networks. We employ redundant 100 MBPS Fiber optic lines as backup solutions. In addition, we operate two completely redundant data centers, one in the Philippines and the other in Phoenix, Arizona. We feel like we have covered all the bases, but we never stopped thinking about redundancy and points of failure.

    We employ some of the top technology experts in our industry from networking professionals to telephony experts, open source experts and a group of the best developers obtainable. You're correct if you say, "not bad", but again it doesn't end there. The Global Empire Corporation also believes in high level agent training and skills development. We employ and operate state of the art training facilities and we have brought into our company a culture of professional trainers with training and teaching backgrounds. Needless to say, we are very proud of what we have accomplished and we are even more excited about what is coming. We will have a high technology office designed to bring into our company the best minds in high technology developers and trainers in our industry. This is not a job for us but a passion for excellence.

    We currently operate five offices around the world in the Philippines, Lebanon, Dominican Republic, USA and Canada. Future expansion will concentrate in Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. We have brought together the best minds from all parts of Asia and North America to create Global Empire Corporation. We will continue to develop the very best people in our industry.

    We hope that when you decide to outsource, you will consider the very best. Nobody does it better than Global Empire Corporation. Whether you're a small or a large company, you owe it to yourself and your corporation to find out how cost effective working with Global Empire Corporation can be.