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    Tourism and travel

    We can handle calls, fulfill requests for information, and reserve places for your customers, ensuring they have a great travel experience.

    Travel & Tourism

    A range of integrated services

    With offices around the globe, Global Empire Corporation is located near the home of many cruise lines and has access to a pool of multilingual agents who speak Spanish or another European language.

    When you work with us, your account is always staffed with on-shore agents who work at our call centers, where we can ensure they receive the same training, adhere to the policies and procedures you spell out, meet our stringent QA requirements, and understand the culture of your company. The result for your customers is a consistently high level of service that increases customer satisfaction and boosts loyalty.

    We offer a full range of integrated services for tourism and travel clients, including call center, fulfillment, and business process services.

    Matching staffing to demand

    We have the flexibility to scale up or down to cost-efficiently handle seasonal peaks and valleys and help you maximize profitability during your busiest times. Because of both the seasonal nature of the business and the small window of opportunity to secure a limited number of mooring spaces and park grounds, we staff up to handle that peak volume, then back down to control costs.

    One of the keys to successfully outsourcing contact center and back office processes is finding the right partner. Global Empire Corporation brings over a decade of experience in travel, lifestyle and entertainment contact center services. In our fast-paced world, consumer demands and expectations can change quickly. We build innovative and scalable program support platforms which provide the level of flexibility required for the world's top brands to deliver consistently outstanding services to consumers. We have worked with several of the world's top airlines, resorts, travel agencies, and loyalty programs to provide BPO services that reduce costs, generate revenue, and improve customer satisfaction.

    Talented customer service representatives and a history of Superior services, we are able to customize a customer care solution to fit any company's requirements. We are also able to use your proprietary customer service system to service your customers. Let us show you how Global Empire Corporation built a reputation for creating the happiest customers around the globe.

    A Range of Flexible,
    Cost-Efficient Services

    While each client and program may have unique needs, targets, and programs parameters, common customer support types include:

    • 24 x 7 x 365 service

    • Broad foreign language support

    • Customer Care

    • Customer Retention

    • Effective cost savings

    • Extend reach and support in Asian Markets

    • Improve customer interactions

    • Loyalty Program Management

    • New Customer Acquisition

    • Ordering and delivery

    • Process maturity and scalability

    • Product Sales

    • Proven sales results

    • Reservations

    • Subscription Sales

    • Ticket purchasing

    • Trip Planning