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    "We manage the care and needs of people with life-limiting illnesses. The last thing a person in hospice care should worry about is if her calls are being answered in a timely manner. We joined Global Empire Corporation in 2010 because we were so impressed with their breadth of services and 24/7 staffed call center. Even with all the technology available, it is very important to us as caregivers and the families of our patients that we can talk to a live person when we need to. We're very happy with our relationship with Global Empire Corporation and would recommend their services thoroughly."

    General Manager, Hospice Association

    "Wait times don't exist any longer with the service you have provided us. We have cut our labour costs in half and our clients are getting picked up quicker. By outsourcing to you, we also no longer have any overhead costs for the 40 dispatch personnel we used to employ. Life is good. Spending less and bettering service is our new backbone. Thank you for keeping us in business."

    President, Taxi Company in U.S.

    "Efficient, professional service with the personal touch!"

    Broker, International Real Estate Firm

    "We believe excellent customer service provides the sharpest competitive edge for the company, so we strive to deliver the best service quality to our members. Sharing the same vision, Global Empire Corporation works closely with us in this ongoing quest for excellence."

    Vice President, Telecommunications Company

    "We set very challenging service level objectives for our call center, and we then insist on those standards being met. Many call centers would simply be unable to consistently do that, so we were of course initially unsure whether or not Global Empire Corporation would. But based upon a favorable first impression with Global Empire Corporation, we decided to give them a chance to show us what they could do. We made a good move."

    Operations Manager, Financial Institution

    "Service matters much! Our contact center performs a critical role in achieving a desired customer experience, as well as loyalty, and Global Empire Corporation provides exactly the kind of professional service needed to meet those requirements. We're confident that we are able to achieve the maximum in terms of value-add at our contact center because of the strategic partnership we have with Global Empire Corporation."

    Manager of Support Operations,
    Automotive Company

    "This letter is to commend the staff at Global Empire Corporation who provided the messaging services vital to the successful communications management during our recent flood disaster. I was most impressed with the quick, efficient and professional service demonstrated throughout the disaster that lasted over a week. In a crisis situation, this level of service is not taken for granted. Instead, its importance is magnified, documented and recognized. Please send my sincere "thank you" to your fine team and "congratulations" on a job well done!"

    Mayor of Large North American City

    "Excellent service. We always receive comments on how professional and friendly our customer service agents are! To our customers, it is a seamless service, they assume that the people answering the phone are our staff in our office. It has worked out way better than we thought possible!"

    COO, Healthcare Company

    "The Global Empire Corporation call center has been providing us with their essential call center services for over a decade by responding to various types of medical and non-medical emergencies in a precise and accurate manner. This is due to Global Empire Corporation's commitment to continuous learning and quality"

    Telecommunications Manager,
    Canadian Medical Center

    "It has always been such a joy to work so closely with Global Empire Corporation. They have excellent customer service, courteous staff and respond to any questions or submitted changes to our phone list, immediately. I feel at ease going home at the end of the day knowing that our calls are properly taken care of, and that I have an email waiting for me the next morning advising of every single call and how they were dealt with. They have been serving our company for many years now and I would recommend them to anyone!"

    President, Texas Oil & Gas Corporation

    "I never realized how much overtime I was paying my staff to handle our phone volume. Once we started using Global Empire Corporation, I was able to eliminate overtime to answer a phone! Now my staff can focus on other important tasks to keep our customers happy!"

    Owner, Home Health Care Business Australia

    "I wasn't using all of the options that Global Empire Corporation offered and one of their representatives noticed. He reached out to me and based on his recommendations, we made several changes to my account. Not only did it save me money but increased my response time to my clients and my customers say how professional and efficient my business runs!"

    Partner, Accounting Business in
    London, England

    "We are now not only meeting but exceeding our service level objectives. Global Empire Corporation's front-end resolves a large number of our calls without even needing a live agent. The calls that do require an agent are answered quickly, and resolved almost 30% faster than we had previously been able to do. We are able to access reports whenever we want them, giving us a detailed look at how things are moving, and helping identify any troubles before they become major issues. Our customers are dealing with friendly, genuinely caring agents who either resolve their problems quickly or help them understand what is happening. And all of this is ours at a price that is at the lower end of anything we could ever hope to find within North America."

    Manager of Telecommunications,
    Cable & Media Company

    "The major reason we work with Global Empire Corporation is that you give us the 'red carpet' treatment…you have the best group of agents I have ever worked with in my 20 years of experience." It's great to see Global Empire Corporation taking a leadership role and showing how outsourcing service providers must focus attention on the highest standards of compliance and customer interactions."

    Executive Director of Telemarketing Services, State Government Department

    "Over the years I have been impressed by the professionally trained staff of Global Empire Corporation. My customers are often anxious or angry when they call, and are put at ease by the smile in the voice of all Global Empire Corporation's staff. In two decades I have never had a customer complaint regarding Global Empire Corporation staff, which is quite an accomplishment in my business."

    President, Travel Business

    "We had already been very successful in Europe, so as we looked at an expansion into North American markets, we knew a major factor in our success would be the quality of our customer service and technical support. We started listening to what other companies were doing, and were particularly impressed with the service of one market leader. Global Empire Corporation was the company handling their customer service, and as we engaged with them, we could easily see why. Global Empire Corporation is committed to providing great support for their clients and those companies' customers. We believe Global Empire Corporation sets the standard for customer service and technical support call centers."

    Vice President of Operations,
    Mobile Communications Company, U.K.

    "We recently heard from one such member who struggled with the registration process on our site. She called our toll-free number and spoke to one of our Global Empire agents and afterwards shared her feedback in an email to our corporate offices. She stated: "(the agent) remained very calm, was extremely helpful, and… presented himself in the most polite and professional manner. It took quite a while to resolve all of my technical issues but he patiently assisted and as a result, I remained a customer." Thanks to the service Global Empire Corporation provided on that call, she remains a valued member today. A call center that can turn around that type of situation is a great asset for any company. This caller's experience is just one member's example of why we are proud to have Global Empire Corporation as our call center provider."

    Client Relations Manager, IT Firm in Japan

    "Global Empire Corporation is over-delivering on the SPH and sales targets. This performance has really helped us lower the cost off acquisition, which is great news. Global Empire Corporation was the missing link for our business."

    President, Satellite Service Provider

    "I can't believe we didn't use your service in the 80's and 90's. When ordering food, the #1 priority is how fast we can get to the customers' needs before they hang up and call our competitors. Since joining you in 2001 we have seen a major increase to our national pizza company. Orders are always correct, there is literally no wait time, and the food arrives correctly on time, every time. While I wish you much success, I hope our major competitors don't find out what we are doing to eliminate wait times when ordering by phone and online."

    Vice President, Large Pizza Company in U.S

    "Because of their experience in the energy industry, Global Empire Corporation has become a valued marketing partner. Their comprehensive call center solutions help us to cost-effectively acquire new customers, retain and maximize the relationships we have with current customers, and provide quality customer service after the sale — 24 hours a day."

    President & CEO, Energy Company

    "Our business relationship with Global Empire Corporation has been long and very satisfying. It is rare these days to be able to say that, but all credit must go to Global Empire Corporation and their employees. If in our future endeavours we should be able to recommend your service, you can be sure that we will. I appreciate you passing this on to your employees. I know firsthand how stressful it can be working behind the frontlines."

    Sales Manager, Security Company

    "We have been working with Global Empire Corporation for the past several years. The service you provide is an integral part of our business. Our customer demands to speak with someone who will assist or direct their issue to the appropriate person. Your team has done an excellent job of understanding our needs and responding accordingly. Your group has always maintained a professional attitude and demonstrated empathy for our customers. Global Empire Corporation provides flexibility and an ease of doing business. Your willingness to accommodate on issues such as billing, scripting and IVR structure has helped us improve our levels of service. In my opinion, our ability to cohesively work together is a demonstration to the strength of our partnership. Thank you for all your support."

    Vice President of Marketing
    Collections Company

    "Doing business with the call center Global Empire Corporation has been an easy choice. Their keen understanding of energy customers and the energy market has made Global Empire Corporation successful. They exceeded our expectations in promoting our energy related products and services. Global Empire Corporation's call center provides a strong partnership with your current Call Center staff resulting in the best of both worlds." We have enjoyed a successful business partnership with Global Empire Corporation for over 5 years. In that time, they have provided us with an excellent level of service. Although our firm has more than doubled in size in that timeframe, Global Empire has been able to adapt and maintain their level of service accordingly. While problems have been very rare in our experience, any challenges or issues that have arisen have been dealt with expeditiously and without recurrence. We would highly recommend Global Empire Corporation's call center services."

    President – Energy Company

    "With how much outsourcing there is with answering services today, it is such a relief to find a service that is 100% efficient. The pricing is amazing for the services they offer, and management was exceptional at getting me started. My clients were so much happier speaking to a live operator rather than my old voicemail, I can clearly attribute the service to increasing my client base."

    Owner, Renovations company in Canada

    "We are focused on providing the highest level of satisfaction to our members. This means consistently delivering the best value and support for our services. When our members have billing questions, run into technical challenges or need help discovering the latest and most exciting features, we depend on our Member Services team at Global Empire Corporation."

    Head of IT Department
    Cable Company in Australia

    "I have been a client of Global Empire Corporation since 1999. Moe and Gordon were a great help when I started up my company. Their knowledge of the corridor and every highway marker was a big help. They provided dispatch service for our tow truck fleet for the years I owned it. Global Empire Corporation now answers the phones for my Parking Management business."

    President, National Trucking Company

    "The towing boys and all the staff and management would like to take a moment to thank you for the great service that you have provided for us. Your staff is polite and very helpful to all that call our lines. We appreciate you and again thank you for your hard work."

    Owner, Towing Company in Pennsylvania

    "We have partnered with Global Empire Corporation for over 15 years. They are a crucial element to our customer service operations, as we are open 24/7 365 days a year to support our clients. We're also a multi-state organization, and Global Empire Corporation handles answering services for all our sites. We couldn't be happier with their products and service, and wholeheartedly endorse their business."

    Vice President of Operations
    Telephone Service Provider

    "The Community Health Department has been a client of Global Empire Corporation since 2001. We operate three full-service medical and mental health practices. Back in 2012 we left Global Empire Corporation to try another service, and quickly returned within the year. The exceptional customer, attention to detail and cost efficiency for our business is far superior to other services we looked at. We are here to stay."

    Director of Operations
    Community Health Center

    "We used other services in the past, but until I switched over to Global Empire Corporation I never realized the potential that an answering service can have. They helped me tailor fit my account, so I now have a life outside the office! They do a great job at prioritizing my calls and only contact me in the case of true emergency!"

    President, Medical Transcription Company