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    Global Empire Corporation's client roster includes some of the world's largest telecommunications companies, providers of wireless voice, messaging, and data. With over 15 years of experience we have the depth of knowledge necessary to provide world class service to the end user. Global Empire Corporation manages interactions at every point of the customer life cycle in every major segment of the industry with over 1,000 agents supporting a combined telecommunications subscriber base of over 200 million customers and over 75 million interactions annually. Our understanding of the telecommunications industry is driven by our experience servicing both consumer (B2C) and commercial (B2B), as well as our portfolio of customer care, technical support , and back-office processing support functions, such as complex fallout orders, order management, work flow management, port center management, account management, and provisioning.

    Today, Global Empire Corporation manages over 12,000 business accounts (ranging, from enterprise customers to small, home-office customers) and the handling, processing, and overseeing of over 100,000 orders per month.

    Based on our real-world telecommunications experience; our refined methods, procedures, flexibility and best practices; and most importantly, our people, we are confident that Global Empire Corporation will not only meet, but will exceed your expectations.

    Global Empire Corporation offers telecommunications clients our unique customer services. We are experts in providing technical support, inbound retention and many customer care needs using voice, live chat support and email support. We can also build custom solutions using our development/technology teams.

    Solutions we provide to clients in this vertical include:

    • Billing support

    • Collections

    • Customer Care

    • Equipment Troubleshooting | Repair

    • New Customer Acquisition

    • Pre and Post Sales Support

    • Product Sales

    • Retention

    • Technical Support