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    Innovative Business Process Outsourcing Solutions

    Innovative Business Process Outsourcing Solutions

    Our business process outsourcing and contact center outsourcing solutions are proven to drive value for you and your customers. Global Empire Corporation blends agility with a global, standardized delivery model based on proven best practices to create solutions that succeed. Our Fortune 1000 clients stay with us because we consistently deliver the results and value they need. And because we deliver business value, many of our clients list us as a tier-one service provider for their contact center needs.

    The Multi-Channel Contact Center: More Than Just Phone Calls

    Your business interacts with customers across several communication channels—including phone, chat, email and social media. We have experience using them all to express your brand personality.

  • Phone
  • Chat Support
  • Click-to-Call
  • Email Support
  • Social Media Support
  • Global Empire Corporation provides customer experience support throughout the lifecycle of our clients' customers. Our ability to provide these services is enabled by leveraging technology, agent-performance tools, analytics, self-service applications, and various other tools that enable and empower our personnel.

    At Global Empire Corporation, we're experts in speaking your brand consistently across all channels. Whether you're in retailing, health care, government services, finance or any other industry, our Brand Care Specialists have experience re-creating the brand experience you want for your customers at every touch point, including:

    Our Solutions Team engages with clients to fully understand their specific goals and anticipate the needs of their customers. The Solutions Team is involved from the earliest lifecycle stages of our client engagements through to full operations to define the right solution, utilizing existing Global Empire Corporation tools and emerging technologies. We deliver the right people trained and guided by the right leadership and enabled by the right technology to make a meaningful impact on our clients' businesses.

    We offer a variety of customer-centric solutions that provide front- to back-office capabilities employing the right delivery platforms, including onshore, near shore, offshore, and sourcing alternatives. We also offer multi-channel interactions across voice, e-mail, chat, SMS text and social media. We are differentiated by our client-centric culture, quality of our execution and results, and our flexibility and competitive pricing. Our solutions are aligned with each client's unique needs. We are flexible in designing solutions around our clients' strategic goals, and we provide experienced management teams that bring together a trained, productive workforce, equipped with the right tools, processes and technologies.

    We are confident in our ability to be cost competitive. Through clearly understanding client's needs and striving for goal congruency, we can assure that our partnership is aligned in the most effective manner.

    We offer a variety of solutions across multiple delivery channels.

    Our Business Development and Strategic Client Solution teams collaborate with you to determine the optimal mix of onshore, nearshore and offshore service delivery. We utilize our team of professionals to help determine the optimal mix of these support locations to meet your business needs, goals and objectives.



    The days when it was sufficient for a call center to simply take orders over the phone are gone. We provide complete customer care for your callers, using our extensive product knowledge to help them select and purchase the right products in a secure transaction. We answer their questions, process their returns and exchanges, and solve problems of every kind. And we do it all while delivering an outstanding customer experience that reinforces and differentiates your brand.


    Chat Support

    Today's younger customers often prefer chat, and we take a proactive approach to offering chat sessions to all your website visitors. We quickly respond to queries with personalized assistance, and can rescue customers from such situations as check-out errors or zero search-return results. Via chat, our agents can interact with more one customer at a time, reducing your costs without sacrificing the quality of the customer experience.


    Click to Call

    Customers love the convenience of entering their phone number and having us call them back, rather than waiting in a hold-queue. It's a simple but effective way to improve your customer service.


    Email Support

    We meet your performance standards for email support, including contractually specified response times, branding requirements, escalation rules and more. By adding agents and rescheduling assignments, we can scale to handle even unexpected email volumes from a big sale or unexpected website issue. We also take care to route emails to the queue of the Brand Care Specialist best qualified—in terms of product expertise, client policies, order status, or other factors—to answer your customers' questions.


    Social Media Support

    Global Empire Corporation can support your strategy for monitoring, measuring and engaging in the online conversation. Conversations are our business, so we're especially well suited to participating in the multi-party conversations that take place on your website and the forums, blogs and microblogs where your company and products are discussed. We're open 24×7, so we can respond quickly to posts and keep you informed about the online discussion as it affects your brand image. Your marketing staff can focus on running effective campaigns while we focus on engaging online consumers to solve customer service issues, thereby protecting and promoting your brand. We also provide outstanding service for mobile users, and are accustomed to providing the in-depth information they need to evaluate options and make on-the-spot decisions about product purchases.
    Global Empire Corporation is more than a call center: We're a multi-channel contact center that speaks your brand passionately and expertly across all channels. No matter how, when or why your customers choose to interact with your brand, we take care of them just as you would and promote brand loyalty by reinforcing the brand image you've worked hard to create.