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    We speak your brand consistently across all channels, reinforcing your image and delivering great experiences on the web, on the phone, and via chat or email.


    Global Empire Corporation's experience shows how important maintaining brand loyalty is in the retail offline and online industry. Global Empire Corporation is committed to protecting and promoting your brand through every interaction we have with your customers. We have learned from the best in your industry and we understand the value of a great customer experience. Customer satisfaction drives return visits and increased ROI.

    Solutions We Provide to Clients Include:

    • Internet & Website Support
    • Membership Support
    • Orders and Credit card processing
    • Product Information
    • Refunds and Disputes
    • Retention
    • RMA Support (Return Merchandise Authorization)
    • Shipping

    Capturing larger orders

    Targeting multichannel consumers isn't merely a strategy for keeping pace with demographics; a multichannel shopper's order tends to be 3 to 4 times larger than the average single channel shopper's. So not only are a larger portion of customers frequenting multiple shopping venues, these multichannel shoppers account for an even larger proportion of the overall revenue pie.

    Making Brand Care work across all channels

    Great customer experiences help you retain customers. Those experiences now happen at multiple touch points, including live or virtual transactions, in person, on the phone, or via email or chat. Customers want a personalized and immersive experience. They want to deal with personable agents who have relevant and accurate product information, and who can guide them through any transaction, no matter how complex. Our Brand Care Specialists are experts in providing great experiences through every customer contact channel.

    What moves our clients' outsourced programs beyond everyday operational performance to a win/win business relationship is the effective combinations of the right people, processes, and technologies. By focusing on the customization of combinations that are right for you, we can directly address all of your customer experience objectives efficiently, while we continually make improvements in every interaction. Our goal is to use the power of customer feedback that our staff receive daily to increase your customers' trust in your valued brand. We believe strongly in leveraging the speed of business change based on customer feedback to enable process improvements and innovations on your behalf.

    Global Empire Corporation provides customer service through phone, Email & chat and can handle all customer inquiries as well as order management.

    Global Empire Corporation is a major service provider for on line and brick and mortar retailers. We provide inbound/outbound customer support, order taking, up selling, refunds/returns and handle customer disputes and retention. Our developers and technology teams can customize a solution to fit your company's needs. We follow strict DSS-PCI 2.0 compliance and maintain the highest security protocols.