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    Office Support Services

    Office Support Services

    Global Empire Corporation has more than 15 years of experience in contact center and business process outsourcing, operating over 10,000 seats across Asia and the Americas. We help companies – large and small, local and multinational – to provide end-to-end total customer service solutions in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic and many other Asian languages.

    Global Empire Corporation has the ability to achieve the highest levels of industry credentials. We take government regulations and compliancy issues seriously and ensure all of our programs meet or exceed these requirements.

    We have received numerous awards and honors for our business process outsourcing and back office services that further validate our leadership position in the contact center and BPO industries. Regardless if you're looking for application processing, content management or data entry, you can rely on Global Empire Corporation. With over 15 years' experience, dozens of industry awards, solid growth and an experienced management team, you can rest assured that your customers will always be in good hands.

    Our Back Office solutions supplement standard voice programs and provide your customers with additional service options. From data entry and business reply card processing to collections and data management and other back-office services, we are ready to help out with award-winning processes and proven best practices. Global Empire Corporation's Back Office services are proven to help improve operational efficiencies, reduce overhead and improve the accuracy
    and quality of the data.

    Business Process Outsourcing.

    Business Process Outsourcing

    Keeping your data organized.

    Brand Care extends beyond the services that take place with the customer.

    Behind the scenes, Global Empire Corporation provides services that are hardly talked about, but are integral to the operation of a business. Efficient and effective data and document processing makes certain that all of the customer data that goes into the making of a great customer experience is entered accurately, and that the resulting information is routed promptly and stored securely.

    Our proven expertise in customer service, technical support and sales increases brand loyalty, revenue and business performance for clients across the globe. We bring this same commitment level to the Back Office services we provide.

    From Elementary to Mission Critical

    Global Empire Corporation has an enviable record of speed and accuracy which satisfies even the most demanding criteria. Our exceptionally low attrition rate testifies to the dedication of these professionals.

    These services also function as valuable brand management tools, enabling our team to analyze customer service levels and protect brand reputation. Global Empire Corporation offers several back office services to help your business gain greater operational efficiencies while still effectively servicing your customers. Some of our back office services include:


    • Accounts Receivable Management

    • Accounts Payable Management

    • Application Processing

    • Bank Reconciliation

    • Billing inquiries/account adjustments

    • Bookkeeping

    • Chat / Email / Social Media

    • Claims processing

    • Collections

    • Complaint and issue resolution

    • Content Management

    • Coupon Program Management

    • Customer Surveys

    • Data Analysis and Data Scanning

    • Data Analysis and Data Scanning

    • Data conversion

    • Data Entry and Data Storage

    • Database reconciliation

    • Database Updating

    • Document handling

    • Data Review & Cleansing

    • Document Routing

    • Financial Statements Preparation

    • Fraud monitoring and management

    • Interactive Voice Response

    • Inventory Management

    • Merchant authorization

    • Merchant encashment/check validation

    • Monitoring chat rooms, message boards, blogs and Internet violation reports

    • Mutual fund and brokerage processing

    • Order management

    • Order verification and confirmation

    • Password reset/appeals

    • Payments and refunds

    • Product inquiries

    • Returns/request for maintenance

    • Support estate settlement and annuity ownership changes

    • Survey collection

    • Transcriptions

    • Warranty Management

    • Warranty services