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    World Class Contact Center Technology Infrastructure

    World Class Contact Center Technology Infrastructure

    In order to provide clients with the highest level of support across the globe, we have developed an information technology infrastructure with superior design providing an essential foundation for program success.

    By employing a well-defined process, we enable our highly capable IT staff to carefully match the appropriate call center technology with each of our clients' unique challenges – creating technically advanced, yet tailored solutions, whether inbound or outbound, sales or service.

    Historically, call centers typically utilized a separate switch at each site and required an Intelligent Call Management (ICM) solution to route calls between switches in order to transfer the call to the appropriate agent. Many of the older industry players have substantial investments in traditional telecommunications technology, but a lot has changed over the past several years.

    Our system architecture has all of the intelligent call management and routing capabilities of a traditional ICM system, but provides numerous benefits from utilizing a centralized switch. Our technology architecture is based on modern IP telephony protocols. Every seat in every center is configured with a PC running a soft phone. All predictive dialers and the inbound ACD are centralized and accessible through an international data network provided by leading telecommunications carriers. This network uses multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) to secure our data streams from other customers while providing superior performance and availability.

    Some of our contact center technology and technology features include the following:

    Premier communications network connections and servers with multi-media gateways, and full redundancy.

    Carrier-grade infrastructure with 99.99% availability, virtually 0% downtime, and over four million hours of uptime

    Multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) telecommunications network to secure data streams

    Telecommunications network includes carrier-grade routers, switches, and monitoring tools to manage and optimize network performance

    Centralized ACD platform which integrates all contact centers via VoIP stations

    Any seat in any center can connect to any service (inbound, outbound, email, chat, etc.) and can transfer or queue calls to any other available agents.

    CRM and knowledgebase systems to facilitate personalized customer service and efficient service processes to meet and exceed customer service expectations

    Seamless blending of both multi-channel support solutions (e.g. integrating inbound/outbound/email/chat) and multi-location (onshore/near-shore/offshore).

    Combination of DNIS, CTI, or call prompting to route calls to the appropriate agent or queue

    Integrate an IVR, whether it is yours or ours, to provide user self-services, call routing, call prompting, or post-call resolution surveys.

    With Call Prompting and Vectoring enabled, the system collects caller entered digits (CED) and a connected customer database provided digits (CDPD) that are supplied by the network. All information is available for intelligent routing capabilities.

    Complete digital recording capabilities for verification and quality monitoring