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    Healthcare & insurance

    Global Empire Corporation agents who handle customer service issues for your plan members are compassionate, experienced and knowledgeable about coverage and benefits.

    Why health insurance is a Global strength

    Global Health Insurance

    Our Brand Care approach suits us in working with health insurers. Because we're accustomed to learning all about our clients' policies, procedures and culture, we can represent them faithfully in all interactions with customers—or, in this case, with members.

    Our experience as a leading call center working with a range of clients and industries, and our ability and willingness to tailor our services to your needs, are also transferable skills for health insurance. We can help your plan reach cost-containment targets, increase customer satisfaction, boost retention of existing members, and help you attract new business.

    Caring for your members

    Global Empire Corporation provides health insurance companies our services with acquisitions and retention.

    We enable health plan providers to acquire, retain and serve members in the individual and small-group markets.

    We help health insurance companies obtain their goals.

    Handling sensitive issues

    The health insurance industry touches two sensitive areas in plan members' lives: health and money. Handling customer service issues for members requires professionalism, compassion, and experience, along with a thorough understanding of provider policies and culture.

    As an outsourced member services contact center, Global Empire Corporation has all these qualities. We provide a full spectrum of member services solutions, often outperforming in-house contact centers.

    The Healthcare industry is at the cusp of a new era. With changing regulatory demands, market dynamics and customer behavior, Health systems are facing unprecedented challenges that require payers, providers, and suppliers to reorganize their workflow, deliver more value to patients, and reduce costs and complexity.

    While the cost of financing and delivering care is expected to increase, the reforms are further escalating administrative and compliance costs, adding pressure to trim operating expenses. Moreover, an aging population and changes in the health system are pushing the demand soaring, as Payers compete for new enrollments, and providers need to manage the transition.

    Payers, care providers, and all businesses in the healthcare ecosystem are therefore expected to offset the shrinking margins by adopting outsourcing to drive technical change, and cost arbitrage.

    Global Empire Corporation is focused on helping the Healthcare industry by delivering better business outcomes. With over 15 years of experience in providing business process solutions, we help clients identify operational issues and areas of improvements and cost reduction.

    Global Empire Corporation Health service offering:

    Payer Services

    Payer Services

    With the rapidly changing environment of the Payer marketplace, there is pressure to reduce costs while providing a higher level of service. Global Empire Corporation Health understands these pressures, along with the need to remain flexible given the new healthcare reform mandates, growth in the aging population, growth in Provider requirements, varying communication needs of the multiple demographics requiring support and the desire to achieve first call resolution.

    Let us help reduce your costs through the support of focused service delivery with expert teams who will exceed your customer's expectations and free you to focus on revenue generation. Our service excellence will assure member and provider loyalty and growth through benefits determination, enrollment, verification, billing and reconciliation, related member and provider services, and more.


    • Claims Coding
    • Licensed & Non-Licensed Enrollment Activities
    • Member Support
    • Provider Support
    • Utilization Management (Certified teams)
    • Verification Services
    • Wellness Program Support (Nurses, Nutritionists, etc.)

    Provider Services

    Provider Services

    As healthcare trends change and more services are provided on an outpatient basis it is imperative that patients have ready access to healthcare professionals. Global Empire Corporation Health provides patients 24 hour/7 day a week access to an experienced registered nurse to alleviate patient anxiety while ensuring access to appropriate care.

    We help physicians, hospitals and other providers recover reduced reimbursements from payers and ease performance based restrictions for multiple treatments. By providing support for coding, billing, revenue recovery, pre-authorization, plus nurse triage, after hours support, proactive care management, disease management and lifestyle coaching, Global Empire Corporation is the trustworthy partner you can rely on for support. As a regular course of business, Global Empire Corporation health will regularly provide you with innovative solutions that leverage our process optimization methodologies with improved outcomes.


    • Admissions and Pre Authorization
    • Care and Disease Management
    • Case Management
    • Lifestyle Management
    • Nurse Triage and After Hours
    • Payer Coordination/Verifications
    • Scheduling & Administration



    Using the deep knowledge of our management and specialized delivery teams, we help pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers to transform their operations. Our pharmaceutical experience spans coordination services with the prescribing physicians, enrollment, PBM, benefit coding, eligibility and pharmacist verification, data management/bridging, customer service, mail-order processing, supply chain management and drug utilization review.

    Global Empire Corporation Health delivers pharmacy specialists when necessary including - pharmacists, pharmacy techs, pharmaceutical sales and other specialized teams as needed to assure our client needs will be executed with the professional experience levels expected. Unparalleled accuracy, valuable efficiencies and a notable increase in customer service excellence will be delivered with Global Empire Corporation leading your operations.


    • Customer Satisfaction Surveying
    • Data Analytics/Entry/Mining/Bridging/etc..
    • Discount Card Activation
    • Lead Generation, Sales and Retention (Licensed and Non-Licensed teams available)
    • Patient Follow up
    • Payer Coverage Coordination
    • PBM
    • Provider/Pharma Coordination
    • Research and Review
    • Supply Chain/Order Management
    • Verification/Enrollment Calls

    Device and Supply Manufacturers

    Device and Supply Manufacturers

    As technology improves, it allows a robust selection of remote monitoring devices, supplies and consumables, along with discrete personal devices and other products to enable individuals with physical challenges to remain mobile and active; Global Empire Corporation has the expertise to provide this specialized support. Our technology partners, along with Provider expertise, allows us to support everything from device distribution, patient monitoring, order/supply chain management, billing and claims, verification, tech support, data collection and management, sales and lead generation on an ongoing basis.

    The extraordinary depth of in-house knowledge in providing device and medical supply support services make Global Empire Corporation the credible partner you can rely on.


    • Device Technical Support
    • Financing Coordination
    • Payer/Provider Coordination
    • Remote Patient Monitoring
    • Sales and Lead Generation
    • Supply Chain Support (OM)