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    Government services

    From information hotlines to crisis management, Global Empire Corporation is your qualified outsourced call center for local, city, state and federal government agencies.

    Taking Care of Your Constituents

    Government Services

    Government Services Call Center

    Global Empire Corporation government contact center operators deliver quick, efficient and effective communications. Our live agents are trained to deliver government services with the highest in quality control and professionalism. Your government clients and citizen clients receive confidential, priority-organized delivery of voice mail, fax, and email. Our multi-location workforce group handles all sizes of services from small, local setups to large, federal capacities. With appointment setting and office organizational assistance, Global Empire Corporation's call center agents keep your virtual office running smoothly and on schedule.

    Emergencies – Intelligent, Quick Response

    From priority notifications to emergency alerts, Global Empire Corporation's live operators are trained to respond quickly and efficiently. 24/7/365 we're there when you need us. Notifications delivered via fast, competent, reliable customer care service. Live agents screen your calls, allowing urgent callers to be given priority over non-urgent callers. Saves you time, saves you money. Time-sensitive information is handled expertly, and quickly to ensure it reaches your government clients and citizen clients when they need it now.

    Bi-lingual agents. Cultural diversity.

    Global Empire Corporation's multi-cultural workforce possesses the skills and abilities to deliver professional responses in a multitude of languages. Our diverse group of multi-lingual service agents can deliver inquires, requests, and notifications along a multichannel network. Cost-effective medians such as email, fax, and voice mail are expertly utilized to help your governmental clients and citizen clients stay connected and up-to-date with critical information. With four decades of professional contact service experience, Global Empire Corporation is a reliable, trust-worthy, partner for all your government clients.