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    Our automotive team specializes in lead-generation and prospecting support to make your dealer-group marketing campaigns a success.

    Driving sales and customer satisfaction.


    The successful marketing campaign

    Our Automotive Brand Specialists are working hard, 24/7 to ensure the success of your marketing campaigns. We provide live support at multiple touch points through your sales funnel. At Global Empire Corporation, we understand dealership management challenges. Our specialists are skilled at processing numerous leads from web landing pages and delivering optimized data back to your dealers. We respond via outbound emails to your lead-gen campaigns to deliver fast, efficient responses loaded with critical information. Global Empire Corporation Specialists have the tools, technology, and infrastructure to manage web-based lead generation, follow-up responses, prospecting, and business process outsourcing, for your potential customers.

    Outsourcing lets you focus on your core strengths

    At Global Empire Corporation, we're available 24/7/365 to treat your prospects and your customers to first class service. Our Automotive Brand Specialists develop and nurture leads, helping you turn them into loyal customers. We support multiple touch points in the customer life cycle – from early stage lead responses and appointment setting to post-sale application processing. Our integration team can connect directly to your CRM platform, delivering your lead and prospect data directly to your dealers. This allows you more time to focus on your core strengths and frees up your salespeople's valuable time for the customers in your dealership.

    Understanding customer needs through market research

    With outbound call surveys, we help you gauge your target market better. Our Specialists make calls and gather insightful data to optimize your marketing campaigns. From a personalized touch to a fully automated system, quick, accurate, up-to date-information is delivered to you and your customers.

    Finely tuned performance

    Top global brands trust Global Empire Corporation to blend the people, processes, and technology necessary to deliver the right customer experience every time. Our Automotive Specialists excel at expressing your brand personality in every call, chat, and email response. At Global Empire Corporation, we provide the kind of high-touch customer care required for big-ticket retail items. We deliver the best in customer care while growing your brand loyalty. You're in great hands with Global Empire Corporation.